Koen Holtkamp, Other Music - New York, Usa

Dell 'Universo Assente represents a truly unique and beautiful approach to music making where each instrument and each sound are given ample time and space to develop. Cilio performs on piano, guitar, flute, bass and mandola with various musicians and non-musicians contributing contrabass, violin, cello, percussion, oboe, saxophone and vocals. He focused his 'research' on long sustained sounds attempting to truly get inside each individual note or melodic passage. Or in his words: "Re-enter in the sound, to hold it, to hold it... then to leave it to go." These recordings achieve this not only in the overall musical structure, but through Cilio's highly acute and subtle sense of the mix which brings each instrument slowly to the forefront. Folk, modern composition, improvisation and various world musics are just a few of the musical genres that spring to mind when listening to Dell 'Universo Assente but it's the kind of self-contained, confident and reflective work that transcends mere genre restrictions to become that rare thing which is truly unique. This deluxe edition features a three-gatefold cover with silver foil design, 20-page booklet in English and Italian with an essay by Jim O'Rourke. Easily my favorite release of the year, it's limited to 500 copies, so get it while you can.


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