the Journal

In 1994, in Naples, the Ferenc Liszt musical association founded the journal Konsequenz. In the following years, the journal gradually increased its page number and added to its board of advisors foremost personalities such as Riccardo Risaliti, Daniele Lombardi, Giancarlo Cardini, Paolo Castaldi, Giuseppe Chiari. From 1999 onward, the journal was published by the prestigious Edizioni Liguori. Konsequenz's organization can also count on a "factory" of musicians (including Enza De Stefano, Eugenio Fels, Paolo Lambiase, Piero Viti) who stage important performances in collaboration with the journal. The chief editor of Konsequenz is Girolamo De Simone. The journal is packaged as an elegant volume of about a hundred pages in a glossy paperback cover. It includes a compact disc produced by the "musical factory", bearing the label "Konsequenz".
Konsequenz's field of action, while focused on the contemporary-music scene in Naples, Avellino, the Vesuvian area, etc., is musical and cultural in a broad sense and, as such, embraces theatrical activities, art exhibitions, poetry and history of literature, history of journals, aesthetics, etc. Indeed, the journal hosts essays and reviews, extensive reports on foremost cultural personalities, whether Neapolitan or not (Luciano Cilio), interviews and analyses by, with, and on composers and cultural operators (Roberto De Simone, Franco Donatoni, Enrico Correggia, Alessandro Sbordoni, Sergio Rendine, Vittorio Mattioli, etc.). After several years of activity, Konsequenz has earned recognition as an indispensable instrument of nationwide prestige by all who are involved in "plurals" in music and "border music".