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luciano cilio


a cura di girolamo de simone

this complete recordings including the legendary 'Dialoghi del Presente'


These recordings sound as they feel self contained, introspective, and determined, you can feel in the music a sort of necessity that can be rarely found, as in Bill Fay's "Time of the Last Persecution", or in Nick Drake's "Pink Moon": this enormous weight that is bearing on it's creators, the absolute need to exorcize it from their lives, a moment in time where you are invited to hear artists truly in contact with their existence. Luciano Cilio holds that moment in time, an authentic emotional testament, something to be cherished (...) from Jim O'Rourke liner notes


GENRE: Holy minimalism, avant/progressive, acoustic music
DESCRIPTION: deluxe edition, 3 gatefold cover with silver foil design, english/italian 20-page booklet


born in Naples in 1950, Luciano Cilio has joined the universitarian studies in architecture and scenography to music, collaborating in the ‘60 and ‘70 with several non-conventional musicians (as Alan Sorrenti and Shawn Phillips) developing surprising intuitions about the relationship between gesture, words and music. Sitar and guitar virtuoso, excellent pianist, Luciano Cilio "essentially self-taught concerning the music composition" focused his research on long sustained sounds, on the sound in its primary and ‘internal’ meaning, at the outset on the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic entities, to "re-enter in the sound, to hold it, to hold it... then to leave it to go”.
His career officially begins in 1977 with the publication of a full-length album titled "Dialoghi del presente" (entirely included in this release along with several extra tracks) composed between the end of the '60 and early '70. In this record Luciano Cilio plays as a multi-instrumentalist, performing on piano, guitar, flute, bass and mandola, also joined by musicians coming from different experiences and areas. Unexpected, in 1983, the dead in suicide, at crest of his career, but also at crest of a production shuddering into silence.

This edition presents his entire recordings, curated by Girolamo De Simone